BGAMA strives to professionally prepare all members for post graduation through the development of leadership, communication, creativity, problem solving skills, and marketing knowledge by combining academics with real world experience.

-Membership is open to all BGSU students-

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Leadership Team

The BGAMA Executive Board is the nucleus of the organization. As student leaders, we hold ourselves accountable for the success of our organization. It is our mission to continue to work toward building a better organization by providing opportunities for our members to prepare themselves for graduation. 


Brand Management

Building the image of what we are, and who we serve is our Brand Management team. Consisting of creative students who thrive on social media, graphic design, photography, videography and interactive media, our Brand Management team educates members on the branding industry through exciting workshops and interactive company spotlights. This team also assists companies and other student organizations in solving their visual, social and strategic challenges. If you’re interested in learning more about the creative side of BGAMA please contact Omar AlMethen (


Creating the method to our madness is our Analytics team. Serving our analytical and research driven students, this group focuses on the market research operations of our organization through case studies and other exciting simulations. On top of ensuring our chapter’s success, the Analytics team assists other organizations with market research, consulting, and helping other groups set and attain efficient goals. To learn more, feel free to contact Samuel Chuna (

Community Outreach

Within our chapter of BGAMA, serving others throughout our community is extremely important, and our Community Outreach team is responsible for leading these opportunities. Welcoming any and all volunteers, this group of passionate students participate in fundraising and community volunteer events. This group also features collaborative events with companies that allow unique networking opportunities for students of all different colleges and areas. If you’re driven to make a difference and get some valuable professional experience, please contact Cassidy Coughlin (   

Professional Development

Putting the suit and tie on our organization is our Professional Development team. The Professional Development team educates members on professionalism and marketing skills in order to prepare students for life after college. Creating, building and cherishing relationships between the companies of today, and our leaders of tomorrow. Our Professional Development team is responsible for hosting BGSU’s Sales Competition, in addition to hosting professional development activities and events. If you’re looking to learn more about professionalism or our sales opportunities contact Elijah Salahuddin ( 


Our partners help make BGAMA the world class organization that it is. Thank you for your involvement and your dedication to our members and to our great organization.