BGAMA is more than just another marketing organization…

BGAMA is an all inclusive organization. Discrimination has no place within the organization. All majors are welcome and anybody from any walk of life is allowed to join. BGAMA understands and values the different backgrounds we all come from and aims to take these differences and make them work for us to create the best possible outcome we can in any situation.


BGAMA is also just lots and lots of fun!

(Although, you’re secretly preparing yourself for post-graduation at the same time.)


External Competition

From the great state of Louisiana to the lovely Wisconsin, BGAMA competes in national conferences all school year round! These competitions include multiple aspects of business and provide a challenge that not only is great experience through the sheer competitiveness of events, but you will walk away a better businessperson because of it as well!


Internal Competition

When you enter Bowen-Thompson Student Union Room 201, you better make sure your game face is on. This sacred room is host to some of the most fierce, competitive and fun competitions around. Whether you’re just developing marketing strategy or you’re practicing product presentation for cash prizes, you will discover new levels of competitiveness inside you, that you had no clue existed.


Professional Development

Professional development inside of the BGAMA program is incredulous. Whether it be the nationally recognized corporate sponsors that come in to recruit from our talent pool, or the intense competitions available for all members to participate in. There is an immense opportunity for professional development that will almost definitely lead to dream jobs if genuine effort is applied.